We are constantly adding new features to the Bible Adventures website.  Included in the updates today are; 1) The Bible Adventures Prospectus offered in pdf to give my readers a more accurate picture of what the ministry of Bible Adventures is all about.  The ups and down, the victories and near defeat.  It also outlines our passion and vision for this ministry to help enlist an army of prayer warriors to our aid.  There are physical needs too.  One great man of faith said that his philosophy was, “Ask God and tell the people.”  2) A Printable Concert Poster which you will find listed under “Resources“.  Just click and open in pdf then you can save it to your computer and if you have MS Word you can make changes to the poster to make it more specific to your venue.  You can print as many as you need to promote your concert.  3.) The CD Page has been updated with two additional CDs available.    Also, I will be adding 4) blog posts to this site on at least a weekly basis so check back often and see what’s going on.  Thank you for your interest in Bible Adventures and please become a Prayer Warrior with us for the Kingdom of God.

Jay Witham (Proverbs 4:23)